Publications in reversed chronological order. For complete list, see Google Scholar.


  1. Feature emergence via margin maximization: case studies in algebraic tasks
    Depen Morwani, Benjamin L. Edelman, Costin-Andrei Oncescu, Rosie Zhao, Sham Kakade
    Accepted as Spotlight (Acceptance Rate 5%) to ICLR 2024
  1. Simplicity Bias in 1-Hidden Layer Neural Networks
    Depen Morwani, Jatin Batra, Prateek Jain, Praneeth Netrapalli
    Accepted to NeurIPS 2023
  1. Feature-Learning Networks Are Consistent Across Widths At Realistic Scales
    Nikhil Vyas, Alex Atanasov, Blake Bordelon, Depen Morwani, Sabarish Sainathan, Cengiz Pehlevan
    Accepted to NeurIPS 2023
  1. Beyond Implicit Bias: The Insignificance of SGD Noise in Online Learning
    Nikhil Vyas, Depen Morwani, Rosie Zhao, Gal Kaplun, Sham Kakade, Boaz Barak
    Under submission at ICML 2024


  1. Inductive bias of gradient descent for weight normalized smooth homogeneous neural nets
    Depen Morwani, Harish G. Ramaswamy
    Accepted to ALT 2022